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tv   [untitled]    March 29, 2011 1:00am-1:30am EDT

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the river that bonds backed up by coalition airstrikes is held up in the hometown of the libyan leader moammar gadhafi there are more more fears of an impending bloodbath i'm point to hear in the capital city of tripoli joining me in a few moments a formal. here in the rebel stronghold albeit you know i believe the opposition is celebrating its gains saying we won't stop until get our news gone for no good news in just a few moments. as the u.s. will not take a hands off approach to libya even when nato takes command of the missing
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washington wants to make sure that duffy can't win. prizes as slicing up to leave them troubles a recaptured all thoughts and promise to restore exports join r.c.s. business just about twenty minutes time. moscow forms of forty victims of last year's twitter better a suicide blast which shocked the nation but added result in the going to against terrorism. by well conceived this is our sea life from moscow libya has seen more coalition air strikes overnight after a day of clashes on the ground between rebels and gadhafi supporters on monday and the government finds his advanced why. but was stopped on the outskirts of the
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birthplace of the libyan leader let's cross the line to libya now to get more from our correspondents who are on the ground got all of the g.'s in the exactly stronghold of tripoli and you got this going off is in the rebel headquarters of the meanwhile the diplomats are gathering in london to outline a political direction for the coalition opposition but let's start by crossing over to the capital of pool or another sleepless nights over there in tripoli because what's been happening on the ground. well as usual there was a mother night of is strikes here of the capital city of tripoli they started late last night and monday and they continued until the early hours of this morning tuesday we understand that a number of military targets have been hit but we also is receiving reports that a number of civilian areas have been struck but no more reports on that as of yet now the big news here is the growing fear that they could be i mean indignant bloodbath in the capital city of tripoli just yesterday after what seemed like
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a lightning advance the rebel forces after sitting out on friday from the stronghold of benghazi was stopped in front of the hometown of the libyan leader moammar gadhafi the city of sirte and that is both a symbolic and strategic city because the understanding here is that if gadhafi cannot hold on to search for any cannot hold on to his power now the residents of tripoli are increasingly feeling to quote them under siege not only do they feel under threat from the rebels who are more and more seem as if they can make good on the promise to march into tripoli but there are reports of the city within two days will run out of fuel and we now are seeing large issues of people outside bakeries and other food stalls one resident i spoke to summed up the most adequately when he said that the u.n. got involved to protect civilians but he asked what exactly is civilian about people now on making a way to tripoli i mean you go over to you know you're in the heart of the rebel stronghold have been undermined in any way by. a fight is
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a stark on the outskirts of town. i'm not sure if a chorus of you got this going off. can hear me you go if you can talk to me about the spirit of people in the rebel stronghold well i'm afraid i think we have lost our correspond you got this going off he's over in the girls you for us. paula let me cross paths you diplomats they gather in london now are they to find a political direction for the operation taking place in libya what can we expect from bands. well this is a very important meeting taking place in london today tuesday it comes just hours after the u.s. president barack obama said that nato would be taking over full military control of all the military operations here in libya by tomorrow wednesday now there are some pressing issues still on the table that have yet to be decided the major purpose of
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this meeting in london is to get some kind of consensus over the military commandment of this operation and of the political direction it is taking there are a number of heavyweights attending it is being cheered by the british prime minister david cameron u.s. secretary of state hillary clinton will be there they will be members of the arab league members of the african union thirty five foreign ministers as well as members of the rebels transitional council that is the body here that is representing the rebel groups now it is significant and it is worth noting that they will be no representatives from the libyan government which is causing some people to ask questions well how exactly can the international community say it's facilitating and debating issues and concerns around the future of this country if indeed it's not inviting those who are empowered to actually attend and participate in the talks the other question is of course who are these rebels that will be participating what kind of islamised leanings do they have what kind of political
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leanings do they have what kind of backgrounds do they come from and even more important what kind of future are they working towards this still has been no clarity and no unity of consensus among the international community in terms of where they want this operation to what is the ultimate engagement there was a more confusion when barack obama gave his most recent address he said that he was not the ultimate target but he has come under criticism for this because certainly the operation on the ground seems as if you is the ultimate target people saying well how can you talk about a new libya if indeed you're talking about keeping the duffy in power the defense officials are also saying that the number of these strikes of days been conducting over libya have increased in. in days they say that this is because of surveillance material that they mean receiving and also because of the qana since actions they've been taking that they also point to the fact that increasingly more and more of these airstrikes are happening in civilian areas in the move in areas where the risk of civilian casualties is that much more places and this is raising
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concerns because here again we're hearing from the libyan government that the number of civilians who have been killed and injured in this international is strikes is increasing. that's because you've got now in that rebel stronghold of the let's talk about the there you go or how been broken or been undermined by the outset of the war monday the latter point in stark. town. i'm sorry can you repeat the question again there is a good extremely strong winds to be now and we can hear that on the microphone just asking you about the atmosphere in the rebel stronghold of mean girls the do you have a sense that the spirits of the people has been undermined in any way by that setback that we saw on monday when we saw finds is really being left on the outskirts of these hometown. ok well the entire city of been going to the rebels.
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for. monitoring the situation out there on the front and of course especially around. god that he's home but even though the rebels are not really able to control over the sea still the spirits are pretty high in the opposition does say that you understand it's not going to be easy to to fight and defeat gaddafi as we remember you see that they are ready to do whatever you treat for you in order to achieve that. and so forth in the past two weeks there have been other successful. resorts out there on the front despite the fact that people take it so far you were able to retake control of most of the towns that the people lost to ground forces just a week ago so the spirits here are still very high everybody believes. that every
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time there is some positive news or even some positive speculation of possible victories out there on the front we hear these gunshots being fired into the air as a sign of applause and the support for the revolution and what the rebels are saying about their future plans and they hopeful. that bone be mean aim for now is to gain control over certain should actually be the main destination and the means used to get control of tripoli. of course get rid of them a little more to go back and read and to establish. but unfortunately we seem to have lost connection with our correspondent who's going off he's in the bank for us. let's cross
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back to him. you'd like to just continue with what you. can continue now you're seeing japanese day. ok yes i'm sorry again it's probably for the winter today so that we're seeing the ultimate goal is to get rid of the guy that is regime and to establish a new order in the country and the opposition says this is going to be a democratic country in fact they're stressing that they do not want any third side to tell them what sort of system will be here they want the other saying that is. to the libyan people to decide what to do with gaddafi and his family and what kind of a regime they want here in the country they do see a really cool listen to some lines coming from the west from germany france and great britain but they're stressing that this is their own journey here in their
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country it's a very. few decide what to do with it so far it seems like here in the east or the country the opposition is in full control of the rebels or have organized. authority body here and they're now dividing responsibilities i'm on one of the other when it comes to be a series of boys from the economy industry and police and law and etc so they are establishing more control here in this war and once again they're saying that it's only up to the libyan people to decide what to do when she got out he's gone. from the capital tripoli and he has been off of the rebel stronghold. now during his first major. u.s. house in strategic interest japie from overrunning any opposition. suspicions that
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washington has taken sides in a civil war something russia says is not sanctioned by the u.n. resolution and while the u.s. and his hand control over to nato that doesn't mean american bombs will start falling. you can report. here is what we heard from president obama he said the u.s. involvement would be limited that the goal is to protect civilians and that the u.s. is happy that made always taking command of all libyan operations take a listen this transfer from the united states to nato will take place on wednesday . going forward the lead in enforcing the no fly zone and protecting civilians on the ground will transition to our allies and partners and i am fully confident that our coalition will keep the pressure on gadhafi as remaining forces in there for the united states will play a supporting role it may seem that the u.s. is taking its hands arms rather off leader but many experts say in reality this formal transition does not make the group west any less involved in fact
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a pentagon official said friday that even as other nations begin taking a larger role in the international air assault mission in libya the pentagon was considering adding air force gunships and other attack aircraft and within nato as well the u.s. is the largest contributing there when ization so handing over command to nato does not mean quitting we also have to take into account that this speech comes amid growing frustration over what the u.s. strategy is the president is clearly on the defensive trying to win over a largely skeptical kadlec poll showing the last four decades americans a disapproval of the military action has never been as high as it is now we believe the intervention the fischel reasoning which is we're there to protect civilians doesn't sit well with many because they ask why do we choose that there are civilians in libya not in other places where even worst massacres have been happening and they don't get straightforward answers the answer that president obama gave in his speech also sounded rather vague it's true that america cannot
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use our military wherever repression occurs. given the costs and risks of intervention we must always measure our interests against the need for action. but that cannot be an argument for never. behalf of what's right but some of the statements previously made by u.s. officials could suggest an idea as to why leader we remember hillary clinton saying what the u.s. fears mostly is leave you becoming some giant somalia somalia means power vacuum careless and not credible leader to deal with i suppose a world power specifically western powers would never let levy which sits on bass the oil reserves become anything like somalia italians for example accuse the french of being more of a quote by a desire to secure oil contracts with a future leaving government the turks voice certain conditions with nato saying nail should go all in with recognition an acknowledgement that the give belongs to libya's not for the distribution of its underground resources and wealth another
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interesting point from president obama's speech the united states will use the thirty's reply's billion dollars of this frozen assets to provide assistance to to the people of libya although the president did not say anything about this money being spent on strikes but it made some people wonder whether the u.s. and allies are waging war on khadafi on his money. because of the latest from libya around the clock and online check our regular our dates from our correspondents on the spot on our youth which is stream and our facebook page will also find all the latest videos on our you tube channel. is it. even.
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now many muscovites traveling on the metro today are likely to think about the devastating events of exactly a year ago when dozens of commuters were killed and many others injured by team female suicide bombers targeting two stations in the morning rush hour company known as out of a is outside one of the stations to discuss the effects the terror attacks mornings and asking how the second blast happened around this time where you walked out all people that are starting to return to the scene for remember those who died. we know that british services are scheduled to take place today both here at the park limits the station and also look down the metro station where of course the first blast north of the early morning rush hour. just before eight o'clock in the morning exactly one year ago the album released some
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people carrying followers leaving just inside the metro station not as many employees just single in number of people but all of them are scary but the powers that be issued want hours on somebody because they are a victim of a terrible tragedy. russian state is awesome even amount of dollars and that's exactly what people would plead for it takes. our nation to sleep inside the metro station. if we're smart i will be remembering this terrible tragedy throughout the entire day on this one year anniversary but what if i did watch it looks at that tragic day. it started off as just an ordinary monday morning for me that he could get off he like many others had a certain string in his step and knowing the harsh moscow winter was all over but
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little did he realize the nightmare he would be thrown into just a few minutes later suddenly there was a very horrible sound as if something huge have formed. and i woke up and there was a small a haze. people were shouting and rushing out of the car would meet the had her it was the start of the worst terrorist attack in the russian capital in six years just before eight am the first of two explosions hit the moscow subway killing twenty four people at the crowded luganda station which lies beneath they had quarters of the federal security service forty minutes later the terror trail moved south targeting a station at a crucial city intersection killing twelve more. established last year finding a ship came at the age of thirty eight right in the middle of the rush hour work
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its truck up the back of the train passed commuters try to get on board but it was dark or the lighting and i just thought people borders and there were there were a million of them some of there were threats on the floor near the train and the side was horrible it was a people who were just there for hours and there was nothing that could save them with eight million commuters after a day moscow subways one of the busiest in the world that's made it a terrorist target in the past and on this day year ago in washington. munce again a twenty year old student leader so the horrors for herself between fuses still isn't she actually doing sometimes i feel something like this i think about this but in general i think that we have safe safety in our lives a year ago tara's broad moscow to us stands by bringing horror of reading life but
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if they wanted to destroy people's spirits those goal was certainly know what it says a live go zone and while the terrorists were out to millions both in moscow and across the globe remains it's something people have alone to live with lies in the question also moscow. to have a say sandwich is the case here well in the twelve months since the attacks have we seen any changes in terms of security in moscow. today there is a visible increase in security personnel more specifically outside moscow metro instances that exits just outside where we are there's a lot of police officers on the ground there that security has also been stepped up stepped up around other moscow metro stop loss the city police officials doing everything they can to prevent
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a repeat of last year's terrible events we also know the security officials have been doing everything possible to bring to justice all those responsible for this terrorist happy go that one of them at least leave two of the sportage the two suicide bombers to moscow and actually left the beach at their metro station each at their final destination so to speak we know that that man has now been issued an international arrest warrant so not only russian security officers but the international community will be looking for also know that other men have been detained in the last. the public should see that those two men are believed to be a risk linked to the terrorist attack of moscow's international the budget the book airport which of course took place just a few months ago those two men are also believed by officials to have as part of the suicide bomber to the budget of a where he detonated his deadly package killing and injuring dozens of people and
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of course according to teligent reports we know that both of those terrorist attacks have been claimed. responsibility on behalf of russia's most wanted terrorist bill maher. it has had many thanks for the updates ologies that company now as a lot of other reporting to us from central moscow. well japan says the government is on a maximum state of alert after traces of highly toxic pertaining were found and spoil near the quake hit focusing the plant the substance is believed to be seeping from nuclear fuel highly radioactive water has also been found outside one of the reactor buildings for the first time the government is considering whether to extend the evacuation zone beyond its current perimeter of twenty kilometers is all the nuclear meltdown began when for for she was reactors are severely damaged by the earthquake and tsunami two and a half weeks ago traces of radioactivity have been found as far away as china south
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korea and the u.s. . measures are in satellite headlines in brief this hour now and at least one hundred and ten people have been killed in a series of explosions out of bullets making factory in southern yemen the plant which had been seized by a militant group was in the process of being looted by civilians with a cigarette is thought to have spoiled the massive blast it comes as anti-government rallies continue in the country with fouls and on the streets of the capital sanaa yemen western backed president is facing pressure to stand down and face trial. in the ivory coast forces loyal to the internationally recognized president so they're trying to seal the border good liberia on a what are these troops accused the incumbent leader along by a grove of holding fighters from the neighboring country bugger all refusing to step down despite an international consensus that he last november's election to
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one million people have fled their homes fearing a widespread civil war. every eleven pakistani soldiers have been killed in an ambush by militants in the border with afghanistan the convoy was attacked and this is your passion as they returned from a mission several of the attackers were also killed pakistani military forces are often targeted by rebels linked to al qaeda and the taliban. is up next with all the latest business news for us. this is our chief business update hello and welcome to the program the price of oil has fallen by brand slipping below one hundred fifteen dollars
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a barrel investors have high hopes that leave in or may be flowing back through the line sooner than expected that's after rebels regained control of key all towns and pledged to restart of the house but however richardson wants from plant energy agency says it may take some time before the oil market stabilizes the libyan situation is far from is all that if you leave you alone can move the process let's not forget when libya started moving all price when the operating started against americans regime it wasn't just libya it was the fear of war during the rest of the respective of what happens in libya. and fro in france is why you have economic fears fears over stalled recovery processed in the northern new way people are very nervous other. russian billionaire you re milner the founder of the moscow based. global investing company has founded a new investment fund is to global to with several hundred million dollars was formed in conjunction with the russian billionaire ownership was small it was
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mainly funded by western investment funds the new corporation will focus on attracting foreign investors and has already put money into social shopping site groupon this purchasing five percent of the music service spotify of fifteen million dollars. let's have a look at the stock markets now starting with asia most asian shares a little higher than sign is that point one percent it's so narrow losses in early trading as a trace b. c. holdings and some property developers were hit by a ball straight pullback overnight country strong gains in call miles talk us stocks dropped her buys subtracts enough votes to bring post great job back to normal nikkei's down this hour. and here in brushwood the markets finished in the black on monday the audiences are five zero point one percent under my six games zero point two percent until monday from the treaty is says the metals and mining industry is going to be in the spotlight during the trading day and for the whole week. the market is starting to focus on what is
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a big week for results from metals and mining in the industry in particular. yes i will in a. go to meet your old harley companies that are reporting results this week so from today the market will start to price in those numbers and i think will be really interested in is the extent to which the high cost because coal prices are or prices have been very high over the first quarter of the last quarter of last year. because there's our business up at this hour join us for more in about fifty minutes time.
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